Our Approach


Not all constituencies within an organization know or agree upon what they need in financial leadership. Odyssey provides experienced assistance in shaping client understanding and builds consensus that enables the pursuet of the most desirable outcomes.  Each engagement is different and at Odyssey we believe that the best outcomes result from an action oriented approach with an aim towards augmenting the executive team versus disrupting the organization.  Are simple approach to engagement follows the following process:

DISCOVERY - Odyssey brings a collaborative and investigative approach to efficiently gain insight in our clients needs, aspirations and challenges.  As appropriate, each constituent is brought into the discovery process, in order to identify issues, gaps and conflicts.  Odyssey then quickly determines a game plan.

IMPLEMENTATION - Odyssey is not a "report writer" and favors hands on execution versus formal consulting reports.  It does identify issues and solutions, and then serves as a conduit to implement those solutions.  Depending on the nature of the situation, Odyssey can serve up these solutions in many forms (for example board level communications).

CONTINUOUS FOLLOW UP and IMPROVEMENT -  Implementing change is rarely perfect in its initial form, and is generally not static in nature.  In order to drive continuous improvement, Odyssey will follow up with clients as appropriate to ensure that changes implemented are working as designed and are generating the right outcomes.  Sometimes, these changes come in stages, and Odyssey will be there to assess, adapt and implement ongoing modifications to drive continual improvements.

PROJECT ARRANGEMENTS - Because one client's needs can be very different from another, Odyssey does not create "cookie cutter" approaches.  Each situation is assessed and then an approach and deliverables are defined. After initial deliverables are defined Odyssey will check in periodically to ensure expectations are being met and that the initial course of action is still the best course of action.